white on white

white on white cream

& sugar

3.5 & 4" h

$36 for the set


Custom WOW dinnerware

Each have individually designed decorative motifs.

small altered


4.5 x 2.5" h

$21 each



There may be a refundable shipment overpayments. Please see our shipping policies.

Your custom place settings (w/ approx. sizes) can consist of,

             but are not limited to:

     Plates                            price          approx. dimensions


        Dinner                                         $  40.00         10 1/2" - 11"

        Luncheon                                    $  30.00         9"

        Bread & butter/dessert            $   25.00         7"

        Platters - small -- 14" +             $  108.00



        Thrown Soup/salad                $25.00              2.5"h x 6"

        Deep bowl                                 $27.00              5 1/2  x  3  3/4"h

        Slab Pasta/bowl                       $32.00             9" x 2"h




        Mug                                             $24.00+       4 x 4”

        We can email images of various mug and bowl shapes.

Here’s some basic info.....

Tomkins tableware is made for the discriminating buyer who enjoys the advantages of highly fired ceramics with classic, timeless design. The inspiration can be historic or ethnic, with a contemporary twist, which lends itself to many years of quality use.

Handmade of white stoneware and fired to

2350 degrees assures strength and durability.

Pieces are lead free and dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

Welcome to Tomkins Pottery and our

                                                    custom dinnerware!

Have you been looking for special, really fun, one of a kind, freeform, rhythmic handmade dishes?

You want something a little more individual? Maybe I can help...

I will need to talk with you about a few things and then we can decide whether I can help out or not. This slab dinnerware is rustic, unique, rhythmic and each piece does have it’s own personality.